Monday, March 27, 2017

Welcome to the new Home Page of Thatch Elmer-Cowboy Poet

Hello There Pards!

Welcome to my New and Improved Website

2017 started out with the "Cowboy Poets of Utah" annual meeting, discussion and Evening Symposium in Payson Utah at the beautiful Veterans Home.  In the meeting I was elected as Vice Chairman of the Board, and I am excited to serve our organization.
The Symposium show was a packed house with each member of Cowboy Poets of Utah sharing with the audience one Song or Poem
We sure put on a great show with Sam Deleeuw and Myself serving as Co Hosts and it was good to see people from my Dads Hometown. I had a special surprise when i saw that my Cousin Thomas Erickson came down and watched the show.
The last Saturday of January brings us the Amazing 
"Western Music & Songwriters Series" in Tooele Utah.
This show is produced each year by my close friend and Mentor Tyler Guy along with his wife Sylvia.  I was fortunate to promote this show on the Good Day Utah show on Channel 4 with News Anchor Necia Geering, I love when I can teach City Folk about Western Music, Cowboy Poetry & Cowboy Stuff..

This years Featured Performers were Musicians Trinity Seely along with Kevin Davis and Cowboy Poet Mr. Jay Snider I was asked by Tyler to be the Pre Show Entertainment and also Tylers Co Host
There is no way i can even begin to express how much fun and entertaining this show was!  We Blew The Roof Off the Deseret Peak Complex, then took the show over to the Bonneville Brewery and Tore It Up over there too!
Plans are already being set in place for January 2018
along with some very exciting Changes

The first saturday of February Dave Anderson, Jenny Anderson, Dad and Myself hit the road for Elko and had an absolute blast, I visited with my good friend Ross Knox and shared with him the Red Cow Poem by his long lost friend Larry McWhorter and when i was done Ross put his arm around me and with a tear in his eye and shaking voice said Larry Would Be So Proud To Have You Recite His Poems because you do it so perfect!   sure means alot
we seen so many friends and had great visits with Don Edwards and joked and laughed for almost an hour with Dave Stamey and his wife!  Caught a couple shows and seen Tanner & Josey Lauman recite on open mic.
Later that night we played over at a little Bar with an old friend of Daves named Billy Nevada Rose. I did some Poems and they passed a hat for money, i ended up with a pile of cash.
Dave and Jenny filled the bar and had them dancing in the street!
Then i joined Ernie Sited over at his show and had a real good time there as well!   Boy oh Boy we had fun!

March brought us to Hyrum Utah for the Fabulous  
Awesome Entertainers and Featured Don Edwards with Waddie Mitchell for the Day show and then Trinity Seely and Ned LeDoux, these shows were hosted by Sam Deleeuw and Colton Blankman and Myself each shared a poem. Thank You Dale and Dawna Major for putting on such a great event.

Couple weekends ago was the Hagerman Cowboy Poets and Musicians Gathering in Hagerman Idaho and I rode up with Sam and Dave then Dad came later in the day. This one is so much fun and I look forward to it each year.  I did a phone in Radio show and it was played in twin falls area and lots of locals mentioned it. Dad drove the Little Blue Chevy HHR Wagon for the first time to a Show! we got 36 miles per gallon and thats why we bought it haha!

Next up is the St. Anthony Gowboy Poetry in St Anthony Idaho up by Rexburg,  this will be our first time going!

Dad has been booking shows for Me like crazy so we will put a calendar up on here as soon as he figures out how!
also keep your eyes open for HollowStar Entertainment website coming soon!   This is Dads new Venture to promote Me, Dave Anderson, Jenny Anderson and maybe a few select others.

for more info please contact